Friday, July 14, 2006

friday already??

We have had some computer issues latetly. Our internet had to be updated and to do that you had to call the internet provider which by doing that you have to be on hold for 2 hours before you get someone on the line. ugh!! Anyway, we got it fixed and now we are back online. I didn't realize how much I miss being online. That is terrible,huh:)Guess I am really hooked to the internet.
This weekend is suppose to be really hot so guess we will be staying indoors. We have company coming from Kansas so ought to be a fun weekend.Hopefully, i can get hubby to cook on the grill. Ya know it keeps the kitchen cool if you grill out and the best part is i don't have to do the cooking.:)Hope everyone has a great weekend. Stay cool!!!:)

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Is this the pastor and his wife? Maybe they are thinking hard about coming as your new pastor. That would be so great for you church. Let me know if that is who it is. Sorry about your computer problems. We all have them and it is never going to quit of course..