Sunday, October 01, 2006

One.. two ...hut!

Yesterday my oldest daughter had a marching band competition. We told her we were going to all her competitions this year since this is her senior year. Well, this competition was in Chicago-not my favorite place to drive:P and the only way I was going to be able to go was if my hubby would drive. Well, he had to work so I just went about my work at home. Our friends came by about 1pm and asked if we would like to ride with them to the competition. I was thrilled!!! He said they were leaving soon, so i got on the phone to my hubby, told him they were taking us and we left. We just got there in time for the competition to start. I had called my daughter to let her know we were coming. She was very happy.
They did not place but it was a very tough competition. This was their hardest competition of the whole season. It was very good practice for them though.
Their music selection this year was from the movie The nightmare before ChristmasThe drum majors dressed as characters from the movie. It was cute.
We ended up leaving after the awards ceremony, which was good because there was a storm coming. We got hammered with rain on the way home.The band members had to stay at the competition. We felt soooo bad for them since it was pouring. Half way home, our daughter called us and said they were coming home too. I was glad. All of us got home safely and had a great day.(click on pictures to see them better)
*****The date on the camera says 2003 but it really was yesterday..Found out the date was wrong on my camera after i had taken all the pictures..Ooops:P********


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

In the first picture is that Brie in the back row? It looks like it to me. Glad that you got to go. I can understand about Chicago...that is horrible and I would NOT drive either but God worked it out for you to go anyway!! Love MOM

Wystful1 said...

What a great group of pictures to share! I remember those days!! Ahhhh, the ambition and drive of high schoolers. How exciting, and such fun for parents like you, of teenagers.

I saw on "flip-flop world" this morning that there is a birthday here also?

Well, tell Katie happy birthday from me too.

Happy Sunday