Friday, November 03, 2006

vacation day???

The kids have today off if we decide it's ok. I know that sounds strange but there was a threatening note given to the high school and another of the elementary schools yesterday and the teachers all called and said if we decided not to send the kids today it wouldn't count against them because of the situation.The schools will all be on lock down but that still doesn't stop someone from doing anything stupid. It is sad that the world has changed so much that you feel afraid to send your own kids to school because of some whacko that wants to scare everyone.
So, today i am letting them sleep in. We decided that they can stay home. I would like the help today with the daycare kiddos anyway:) Besides i may have extra kids if their parents decide to not send them:P

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What happened? did someone send in a bomb threat or something? write me an email...we are getting ready to leave to meet the rest of our lovely laughing ladies luncheon in Winchester. I hate it that the kids have to be scared to go to school. We were never scared and you were not either..What is happening in our world? Love MOM