Monday, October 30, 2006

Hope you all have a safe and happy halloween.

monday madness

1. From bev:
Small town or big city?
Small town and wouldn't trade it at all.

2. From turtlemoonwave:
Do you have a favorite childhood memory, and if so, would you share it?
I loved going to my Grandma's house at Christmas time. It was always a lot of fun getting together with our cousins and Grandma would always buy DQ Dilly bars for the kids. We had a lot of fun playing on the farm where she lived.

3. From cat:
How do you calm down when something has really upset and/or angered you? Do you swallow it? Call a friend and rant? Go in the bathroom and cry? Punch a wall? Walk around muttering to yourself, complete with scary hand gestures?
First i count to ten...I know it sounds silly but that really gives you time to calm down. I just try to deal with whatever angered me. After i calm down i may call my friend for advice on how to deal with it.

4. From dna princess:
What attracts you to memes?'
I just think it is fun to do and i like to read other people's answers. You can get to know other people really well by some of the questions that are asked.

5. From mads:
How reliant are you on computers to get through your day?
Reliant on computers..... not really just like to get on the internet and blog or play games or chat with family.

6. From tizzie:
In a crisis, are you calm or do you panic?
I have really tried to keep calm during a crisis. Taking care of young children you really have to learn to keep calm otherwise you are going to have a house full of upset people.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Busy weekend

Sorry no Photo hunt today. Our Firefox went down for a couple of days and had to use IE instead so I just didn't post. I have all my things on Firefox and like to use it.
We are getting pumpkins this weekend for Halloween. I know we are late but just too busy around here to get things done. Every weekend there is something to do. If it's not band it is a concert or have to go to dr. appointments. Today i took the day off and cleaned. Finally have a weekend to get things done around here.
Will get back to regular posting next week.
Everyone have a great weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Monday, October 23, 2006

monday madness

1. From: cassie:
Dramas or comedies?
I like comedies more but every once in a while a good drama is just as good.

2. From: nutmegnine:
Your neighbor has frequent noisy parties on nights before you need to get up early. Do you confront him directly, call the police, call your landlord, join in the debauchery, or seethe quietly and do nothing?
If they continue to have the loud parties and it disturbs our family I would call the police.

3. From sherle:
Are you more comfortable in big crowds or small groups?
Probably smaller groups.

4. From zeno:
Do you prefer Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox?
I don't mind Firefox but some games can be played better on Internet Explorer.

5. From briar:
They say you learn something new every day. What new thing did you learn today?
Let's see....I learned that working out early in the morning makes you have alot more energy for the day.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

satuday photo hunt-Dreaming


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Dreaming of our trip we are taking in November with our kids to Disney. Our son has not been to Disney and he is soooooo excited. We have an M&M jar for him and he eats one every day until the day we leave. This year will be lots of fun because he is still young enough to enjoy the magic of Disney.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

friday feast #116

What is your favorite beverage?
Ok i have two...iced tea and water with lemon.

Name 3 things that are on your computer desk at home or work.
Pen and pencil holder,my digital camera, computer paper


On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 being highest), how honest do you think you are?
9. I think I am a pretty honest person.

Main Course
If you could change the name of one city in the world, what would you rename it and why?
I can't think of any.Guess I wouldn't change any name.

What stresses you out? What calms you down?
What stresses me is people that drive right up on your bumper,bad weather driving,and money...
Music,reading or a nice long walk calms me down.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Sorry won't be blogging for a couple of days. Am not feeling well. Will be back soon.

Monday, October 16, 2006

monday madness

1. Name 10 things you would do if you had more time.
-Get all the laundry done.haha
-Go to the gym more
-Get all my house cleaned-including closets and those places you don't like to clean:P
-Go shopping
-Go to a movie with my hubby
-Get the garage cleaned out
-Wash the van
-Plant my flowers
-Play my piano
-Start a craft project

Saturday, October 14, 2006

satuday photo hunt-lost

We went to the corn maze this month and got lost.Took us a while to get out. It is our favorite place to go in the fall. If you would like to see the maze go here and then click on the corn maze. It is a lot of fun!! They even have a haunted maze that the kids love.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Five For Five
On the Rock tagged me on the Five For Five meme.

1) Five Minutes to yourself. How would you spend them ideally?
Wow I don't get that much time to myself so lets see......
I would read a book
Start on my cross stitch
Just sit and relax with my favorite music or movie
Go on a walk

2) Five Dollars to spend right now. How or where would you spend it?
Go to the coffee shop and get a chocolate mint coffee
Buy milk...always need that here:P
Probably spend it on someone here in the house

3) Five Items in your house you could part with right now?
Several old bikes in the garage
Old,or not used clothes
The trailer in the driveway
The old swing
Our stove...we need a new one;P

4) Five Items in your house you absolutely, positively could never part with?
My computer:)
My comfy rocking chair
My piano
All my pictures-I love family pictures couldn't live without them
My music cabinet with all the old music from my grandma and mom

5) Five Words (or phrases in my case) you love?
I love you Mom or I love you honey:)
Let me do that for you
My Julie-It's a game we play with one of my daycare kids
You have the day off
Let's go out tonight

Am not sure who to tag but if you want to do this meme feel free and let me know you did it so i can visit.:)

Thursday, October 12, 2006

The Pumpkin Prayer

Dear God,
As I carve my pumpkin help me say this prayer:

Open my mind so I can learn about You;
(Cut the top of the pumpkin)

Take away all my sin and forgive me for the wrong things I do.
(Clean out the inside)

Open my eyes so Your love I will see;
(Cut the eyes out in heart shapes)-The picture i found used stars.

I'm so sorry for turning up my nose to all you've given me.
(Cut a nose in the shape of a cross)

Open my ears so your word I will hear.
(Cut the ears shaped like the Bible)-we did rectangles

Open my mouth so I can tell others You're near
(cut the mouth in the shape of a fish)

Let Your light shine in all I say and do! Amen.
(Place a candle inside and light it)

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Monday, October 09, 2006

monday madness

1. From amaranth:
Name three people you would pick (and why) if you could choose who to be stranded on a deserted island with.
I couldn't just pick three people because then that would leave out some of my family. I would have to take my hubby and 4 kids. Just wouldn't work:)

2. From julie:
What is your favorite genre of film and what is your favorite movie from that genre?
I enjoy romantic films, drama, action/adventure. The only kind i don't like are the horror movies.

3. From tiffany:
Which country would you like to visit and why?
I would love to visit England some day. Have met many people from there and just think it would be a nice place to visit.

4. From wil:
What are you driving these days? What's it's (their) good and bad points? Would you buy another one, and why or why not?
We just bought a 2006 Ford Freestar. I love it. It drives well and has all the bells and whistles-those are just fun:) Yes i would buy another one.

5. From cindy swanson:
"Lost," "24," or both?
Neither one. Tried to watch both but didn't catch my interest.

6. From lady starlight:
You've been very good this year. What should Santa bring you for Christmas? (the sky is the limit)
I would like to go to Hawaii with my hubby.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Our Anniversary

Today is our 18th wedding anniversary.Doesn't seem like that long at all. Man how time flies. We knew each other from high school and met up again after high school. My hubby came to Pensacola Florida with my mom and brother to pick me up from college and when we met again, that was it:)That fall we were married and bought a house in a town about 20 minutes away from our families.
Today we have four children. Three teenage girls and a six year old boy. I wouldn't trade my family for the world.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

satuday photo hunt-sleeping

This was taken a few days after we got our now very spoiled shih tzu. Her name is Sadie and is the "princess" of the house. The one holding her is my hubby:) Aren't they adorable????

Friday, October 06, 2006

friday feast

Name a song you know by heart.
I have many songs I know by heart but the one I have been singing lately is "Your my little girl" by Go Fish. Love that song!!!

What will you absolutely not do in front of another person?
Sing. Don't like getting in front of a lot of people.

How often do you use mouthwash and what kind do you like?
Every night. We use scope.

Main Course
Finish this sentence: I am embarrassed when...
I say or do something wrong and my kids catch me.


What was the last food you craved?
I craved a Dairy Queen blizzard the other night. Yes, I broke down and went and got one. Boy was it ever good!!!!

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Not so wordless Wednesday

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting">

Ok I know it was suppose to have no words, but I thought this was cute.

I got tagged by Flip Flop Floozie

1. Favorite memory of your mother?
Favorite memory...hmmmm. I remember that my mom was always there for us. She stayed home to raise us as long as she could. That is very important to kids. I remember almost every summer we would go to the strawberry patch and pick strawberries and then have to come home and take the stems off and then she would make strawberry jam. Yumm;)Mom always had things for us to do to keep us busy.Now she is a wonderful grandma to all of our kids.:)

2. Favorite memory of your father?
Dad has always been a hard working dad. He made sure that we had everything we needed no matter what. I remember one time my brother wanted to get a jacket from school and Dad sold something very important to him to get it for my brother. Dad has always sacrificed things for us kids to have what we needed.Dad is also a wonderful Grandpa to our kids:)

3. What one skill would you like to wake up tomorrow and be able to do (though you'd never learned it)?Well, lets see. I would like to be able to know more about the computer. I would like to be able to run in a marathon just once. I would like to be able to play the guitar.

4. Which one of your dreams has come true. My dream to have a wonderful family. I am very happy with my hubby and kids and wouldn't trade them for anything.

Don't know who to tag so if you want to this let me know. Haven't done too many of these myself:)

Monday, October 02, 2006

monday madness

1. From amanda f:
What do you do when somebody complements you?
a. Smile and say Thanks
b. Ignore it and change the subject
c. Complement them back
d. Turn red in embarrasment at the attention and look around to see other people's reaction
e.Take it as you're due.
When someone complements me i smile and say thank you.

2. From shelly:
What color are your eyes?
My eyes are blue.

3. From kia:
What do you like most about yourself?
My personality
4. From julie:
How do you spend Christmas?
We used to go to my in laws house for Christmas eve and have dinner and open presents. Then we would go to my parent's house on Christmas morning for Christmas with them. Now both parents have moved so now we have Christmas morning with our kids at our home. Have a big breakfast and then go to my sister in laws house about an hour and a half away and have Christmas there. This year we are going to my parents house in Georgia.
5. From wide imagination:
When do you normally blog? Day or night?
Usually blog in the morning because i get up earlier than everyone else and can have time to get it done without too many interuptions.:)
6. From rach:
What song can you relate to your personal life? Share a line or two of that song.
When God made you by New Song Just thought about this one b/c our wedding anniversary is next week:)
It's always been a mystery to me
How two hearts can come together
And love can last forever
But now that I have found you I believe
That a miracle has come when God sends the perfect one
So gone are all my questions why
And I've never been so sure of anything in my life
7. From sherle:
What is your favorite color for a sleeping environment?
Don't have a certain color but if i had to pick I would say blue.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Birthday party

Today was our youngest daughter's birthday party. Her actual birthday was in August but with school starting before her birthday now,we don't have any free weekends to celebrate her birthday.So, it ended up today was the first day we had to celebrate. That is pretty sad that you can't even celebrate a birthday because you get sooooo busy. Guess that is what happens though when you have 4 kids:).This first picture of the girls is from the corn maze that we took them to for part of the party.
When we got home we had mostaccioli and other snacks and then the kids played guitar hero and dance dance revolution. Yes, it was quite loud in the house for a while today. They had a lot of fun and the kids didn't leave until about 9pm. Now i have to go clean up.

One.. two ...hut!

Yesterday my oldest daughter had a marching band competition. We told her we were going to all her competitions this year since this is her senior year. Well, this competition was in Chicago-not my favorite place to drive:P and the only way I was going to be able to go was if my hubby would drive. Well, he had to work so I just went about my work at home. Our friends came by about 1pm and asked if we would like to ride with them to the competition. I was thrilled!!! He said they were leaving soon, so i got on the phone to my hubby, told him they were taking us and we left. We just got there in time for the competition to start. I had called my daughter to let her know we were coming. She was very happy.
They did not place but it was a very tough competition. This was their hardest competition of the whole season. It was very good practice for them though.
Their music selection this year was from the movie The nightmare before ChristmasThe drum majors dressed as characters from the movie. It was cute.
We ended up leaving after the awards ceremony, which was good because there was a storm coming. We got hammered with rain on the way home.The band members had to stay at the competition. We felt soooo bad for them since it was pouring. Half way home, our daughter called us and said they were coming home too. I was glad. All of us got home safely and had a great day.(click on pictures to see them better)
*****The date on the camera says 2003 but it really was yesterday..Found out the date was wrong on my camera after i had taken all the pictures..Ooops:P********