Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Summer blahs

Again the days have flown by. Can't believe it is July already. Before you know it we will be getting the kids off to school again.
Today is another busy day of work. Both my older girls work today and the younger two are just chillin' at the house with "nothing" to do at all. Ever heard that phrase at your house?? I mean the kids have game cube, PS 2, books, games, and could even go outside to play but there is still not anything to do. Maybe today if it doesn't rain we will get the new sprinkler out. It is a beach ball that shoots water out of it. It is a lot of fun. The kids played with it last week,on the day we DIDN'T have rain, and really liked it. Will have to post pictures later of it.
Well, off to work again. Have a great Tuesday.

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Seems like kids are never satisfied anymore!! When Ron and i were young we had to make do with what we had and make up things. Now kids have so many things are are still bored!! How can that be? They would have just died if they had lived like we did..no TV; no game boys; DS's or anything like that. They would have never survived..smile
Love MOM