Thursday, January 22, 2009

tired of snow

Today I finally was able to shovel away some of the snow on our sidewalk. I haven't seen the full sidewalk in about a month because every time we try to get it shoveled or plowed we would be hit with another snow storm or ice storm. I think the weather has calmed down for a few days. It is actually suppose to get into the 30's here today. Wow!!! What a heat wave!!!
With all this coldness we have been fighting with a virus. My hubby has had it for the past 5 days. He finally was able to go to work this morning after a couple of days of anitibiotics.We have had a rough time with not having work the last couple of weeks. Way to start out the new year huh? With the funeral and then hubby being sick we are just praying we don't get too far behind on bills and all. Also praying no one else gets it. We are pushing the vitamin C right now.
I am ready for some spring time weather. Spring is my favorite time of the year and can't wait for it to get here!!!!


Rebecca said...

I hope that you all are back to feeling well soon.
I love the snow. I think that it is so pretty whenever it is falling to the ground....BUT I am so ready for spring too! I can not wait for warmer temps. Spring can not come soon enough!
I noticed that you are following moneysavingmom....isn't she wonderful? How long have you been following her?

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Spring is always a wonderful time and especially in Illinois..Nice talking to you today..Hope no one else gets sick..Love MOM