Thursday, April 16, 2009


We have had some good news lately with our kids. Our oldest daughter was made prayer captain of her dorm room for next year. This is a great honor. That means they have seen leadership abilities from her and we are very proud of her.
Our youngest daughter just found out she made it to vocal jazz. This is a singing group at their high school. She is so excited. She is going to be very busy this next year. This group requires a lot of work and practices. We even had to sign a paper saying we wouldn't be gone certain days of the year. They really take this seriously.
My best thing that has happened this week is we got a replacement dryer!!!!!!!!!! You don't realize how bad we have needed a dryer for about a month now. With a family of 6 you cannot go very long w/o it. I can't wait until tonight to get it hooked up and get caught up on laundry again!!!!! Funny how u get excited about small things huh? Guess we take those things for granted.
Have a great day. I am going to enjoy the warm weather while it is here!!! Upper 60's today.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Nice to see you blogging again...also nice to talk to you lately..Love MOM said...

Hi, I got a new computer for Mother's Day!! I am so happy to be back on line again. When ever I wanted to check something out, I would say I will look it up on the computer!
I think I would miss a dryer more!! I have gone without one before and it is hard!! love and hugs Grams