Thursday, October 08, 2009

Renaissance Fair weekend

These are a couple of pictures i took when we went to the Renaissance fair a couple of weeks ago. We had never been to one of these and thought it would be fun. Ricky got to try on a helmet and as u can see enjoyed doing so. The demonstration put on by this guy was very interesting. The typical knight in shining armor is not what they were really called. The term was just made up. The armor is actually called a harness. They had harnesses for parades-which are the ones u see on displays, there were harnesses for fighting also.
The picture on the top is the queen, king and their court. If you pass in front of the queen you had to curtsy(women) or men do a four count step. You always had to keep your eye on the queen or she would not be able to trust you, so men did not bow. We also, went on a castle tour which was very neat. It was a fun weekend and plan on going back next year.

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