Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Photo hunt-Childhood

I can't download pictures right now so I thought I would use some of my girls that I already had.Looking back at these pictures I realize how fast their childhood goes. One minute they are babies and the next they are almost adults. Time sure does fly!!! They are not in the same order in the pictures. The two on the ends are switched. Our youngest always seems to be in the middle of the pictures;)


GEWELS said...

Childhood does fly by so quickly. If only I had realized that when my boys were younger.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Yes of course!! Time goes by too quickly!! Graduations soon tell you that for sure. Thanks for stopping by and seeing how this old lady's time on earth is quickly going by too. Hope all is well and you are feeling better..Love MOM

Melli said...

Yep... they grow quickly, that's for sure! Enjoy each moment and make them a memory!!!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Julie. Sorry for my late visit. I've been a little busy these past few days.

Thanks for sharing the photos of your daughters. It must bring you sense of pride and happiness to see them grow up into fine ladies.

Thanks for visiting my photo hunt. I appreciate it.