Saturday, November 24, 2007


Took the kids out for a movie last night. We like to go to a movie on Thanksgiving weekend. Just something fun to do. It has sort of become a tradition. The girls and Ricky and I went to see Enchanted. Cute movie. I thought it was going to be a little different but it was actually funny. I think everyone enjoyed it. Hubby and our daughter's boyfriend went to see Beowolf. They really like that movie. Not a movie for me though.
We got a new Christmas tree this year and all of the girls and I wanted to try something different. Instead of putting up all of their ornaments that they have made over the years,we bought silver and red ornaments with white lights. Looks very nice. I do really miss seeing the kids ornaments they made me:( but I think it is time to just keep those put up. Some of them are getting pretty worn. It is always fun remembering who made this one and what age they were and all the memories with that ornament.
We are not done decorating the house yet.Just got the tree and lights and ornaments up. Have to get in the attic to get the rest of the stuff down. I love this time of year.


Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Julie. We haven't watched Enchanted yet but we are planning to see it next week. I want to watch Beowolf too but it's not yet showing here.

A new Christmas tree sounds nice and exciting. We're putting up ours after lunch. I'll share photos on my blog soon. Take care!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey there!! Tree is up!! WOW!! I wish that you had our tree!! it is like new and we just do not put it up anymore..too much trouble for us. We have a small one that we put up. We are having small group for Thanksgiving dinner today!! I am cooking the turkey!! Made my yeast rolls too. I had heard that movie was really good. Love MOM said...

Your tree sound so beautiful!! Karen just called me and wants me to call someone for her so I have to get off the computer for now!! Love and Hugs Grams