Thursday, January 31, 2008

busy week

Haven't posted for a few days because it has been a busy week. I was gone Monday and Tuesday to Tuscola to see grandpa and grandma. Then back to a very busy house. I found out that you can't leave the house to anyone except mom. :) They all did well taking care of the daycare while i was gone but they needed me home which made me feel good. My youngest daughter watched kids all by herself on Tuesday b/c our oldest was sick. She was there with her but not able to help. She is still sick today but went to the doctor and it is a virus so can't do anything about it but help the symptoms. She has skipped work all week b/c she feels awful. Just hope no one else gets it. Today is just as busy as the last few. Will be looking forward to the weekend when I only have one extra child here. Need to get laundry caught up and get life back to normal. Whatever that is.:P


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sorry about all the sickness this week. We are doing pretty well here. i had my first experience with driving in the snow..for a while!! Glad that we are home. I have posted. Love MOM said...

Hi, I have been keeping up with everything on your Mom's blog! I am so glad your Grandpa is better.
We have the same virus or junk your daughter has and have all been so sick! Please pray that Nancy doesn't get this stuff... With her lupus in her chest this would be bad.... Love and Hugs Grams