Wednesday, April 02, 2008

We've got the flu

Well we made it to April before anyone got sick. We have 2 home today with it and hopefully no one else. I have had some of the daycare kids that have had it but it is just now getting our family. Luck us.
The weather is looking nicer today. Next week it is to be in the 50's and may hit the 60's. Yeah!!!!! Spring is finally here.
Gotta get back to taking care of the sick kids. Have a great day!!


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Who is sick? We have a temperature of 95 here today!! IT IS HOT!! WOW!! too soon for this but it will go away. It is supposed to rain but not seeing it yet. I get to go to church tonight. happy about that. love MOM said...

Hi Julie! So fun to be able to type this in at last!! Karen brought the laptop home last night and got it hooked up! I just hope it stays fixed!!
So sorry you all are sick.... I hope everyone is better today! I am ready for spring too!! Love and hugs Grams