Thursday, August 21, 2008

Look what I got :)

Like my new fridge???? We got it yesterday because my other one bit the dust. It was not keeping milk or anything cold and I am sure it was at least 20 years old, so it was time to get a new one. I love this new fridge. It has a water filter system on it so we can get good water to drink and has crushed and cubed ice. I like all the extras you get on appliances:) This is the first new fridge i have ever had. I always have gotten used ones. I am so excited. I go to the kitchen just to look at it hehe:)


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Oh I am so happy for is your dad..he is home right now and was thrilled for you too!! I am so happy that you got it!! I love ours that has water and ice right at your touch!! Spoiling too!! Enjoy and just go to the kitchen and look any time you want!! What fun!! WE are both very very happy for you guys!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

Oh yes I do like that new fridge, lucky you. Must be nice to have a good drink of water whenever you please. i am jealous, no not really I am just happy you got one and are enjoying it, bless you anyway. I knew God would see to it that you got one sooner or later. I am much better, got my shots in both knees and the pain is gone, now I have nothing to grump about.Doggone. Love you Gma & Gpa said...

Wow! Is this fridge beautiful or what! I bet you do love it! I know you must just love getting ice and water with just a touch! oh my, how nice! I would love getting ice!!! I am happy for you!! Love and hugs, Grams

Anonymous said...


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