Tuesday, December 02, 2008



This is what happened to our van yesterday morning. Hubby called and said the van is going to have to go into the shop and I thought he was kidding. Then he told me about the accident and I asked if he was ok. He was fine and then I asked how the van was. It is going to have to have about $2300 worth of repair done. Maybe more they said since they just estimated what they can see right now. Also, they are going to detail the inside of it b/c coffee went flying everywhere when it was hit.
The lady that hit it is trying to get out of it saying it was our fault. Well, she didn't get too far. She was at fault and so we don't have to pay for repairs. Am so glad especially close to Christmas.
I am just glad no one was hurt. The van can be fixed but you can't replace people.
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