Saturday, November 29, 2008

Glad to be home

Well, we had a nice time in Missouri for Thanksgiving. I got to spend Thanksgiving evening with the flu. Not fun for me. I was in the hotel and everyone else went out for a while so I could rest. At least I didn't gain any weight for this holiday, huh? :) I am doing better today but still not a 100% yet. Wish it would just go away.
The good thing is no one else has gotten it yet,and I hope and pray they don't b/c we have a very busy week and on Friday we are going to Madrigals. It is a Christmas program put on by the high school,and our youngest daughter has a lead part in it this year. She is a knight. If you don't know what Madrigals is a play put on by the kids....they are all British and wear the old fashioned outfits and even have the accent. It is a very good program they put on. I will try to get pictures but it is really difficult b/c of the lighting in there. It is worth every penny we spent to go.Just hope Katie doesn't get sick this year.She always gets run down this week b4 performing, b/c they practice every night until 10 or so. I have had her take extra vitamin C and vitamins. Hope they kick in and start working.
Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving with your families. Can't believe Christmas is right around the corner. We are putting up the tree tomorrow afternoon while Brie is home to help.

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sorry to hear that you have had the flu!! Boy I hope that Katie does not get it too..We are fine. Our little tree is up!! Cards are also sent...getting things ready since I may be having surgery...Love MOM