Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Keeping busy...

After a few days of vacation for the kids they are all back in school. I don't think they get another day off until the end of school now.
We have a lot coming up for the next month. Our oldest daughter is graduating from hight school and our youngest daughter is graduating from middle school. Our middle daughter graduated from middle school last year. So, this May we have two celebrations but only one party. We are planning a big party at one of the parks here in town.
So, if you don't see me online much in the next few weeks, it is because we are getting ready for the upcoming celebrations. I try to get on as much as i can since I am addicted to blogging now:)I just looked at my profile and have been blogging now for one year. Yeah!!!! Doesn't seem that long but i have learned alot of things(how to put things on your blog and sidebar) It's a lot of fun figuring things out on your own even:)
Hope you all have a great week,and hope the warm weather comes back soon!!! We need some Spring weather soon!!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Julie, you have been blogging for a year now? WOW!! It does not seem that long already!! I just cannot get over how fast time is going!! I just get up and it is time to go to bed again. I just posted too. It is about time for me to get to school to pick up the kids this aftenoon. Both Becky and Roger had to work today and they just got home yesterday afternoon!! I bet they are going to be pooped tonight!! Hope to see you guys soon..Love MOM

Addie said...

Can I come to the celebrations as well. Yes, it does sound like you have a lot to get through. Good luck !!!