Sunday, April 01, 2007

This is no April Fools Joke....

Our youngest daughter has the mumps!!!! We were shocked to find out the news because the mumps have been gone for so many years we didn't think it was possible for kids to get them anymore,but our daugther was visiting her aunt and uncle for spring break last week and Thursday evening she called and said she had a small bump on her neck. I was thinking it was just a sore throat and told her we would come pick her up the next day. Well, they called and that next day her jaw line up to her ear were swollen!! The only thing i could think of was mumps but didn't think she could get it b/c of having the MMR vaccine when she was younger.
We got a call from the hospital last night and they confirmed that it was definitely the mumps and we have to take her back in tomorrow for another blood test to see if they can figure out when she was in contact with it and how long she is contagious.
Poor thing had a rough day on Friday. Swelled quite a bit but has been sleeping a lot which i guess is good for her to help fight of this virus. My hubby keeps teasing her about looking like the "godfather". You have to know my hubby-he likes to tease like that and it is not to be mean or anything-I think that is how he handles situations sometimes. She has a hard time laughing, smiling and especially sneezing-that one is bad:P
Hopefully, we are on the way to getting better. I have to close my daycare for a few days b/c it is a communicable disease and i have to report it to the county. AAAGGHH!I may have to stay closed until we get a clean bill of health from the health department. Just hope she is better soon. She will have to stay out of school all week. They said it could last up to 9 days. Just hope no one else gets them!!!!! I couldn't stand to be quarantined for much longer!!!!!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I knew you would have to close...too bad but I figured as much!! I talked to her this morning on line. It really hurts. i remember when Ron and I had them...they are very painful. Take care..Love MOM

Teena said...

I didn't know kids still get the mumps.