Friday, June 20, 2008

Life at our house

Haven't been on for quite a long time. Real life is too busy around here. Busy with work and church and family things. It seems like every time we have a free weekend or even free evening something comes up. This weekend we have an eighth grade graduation to attend, next weekend we are going school clothes shopping for our oldest. Hitting all the thrift shops and clearance isles.;)
The girls have a girls night out activity tonight. All the girls from church are going out to eat and just having a good time.
Have been home by myself lately. Hubby has been working LOTS of overtime because one of his friend's wife is very sick and may not make it much longer. Just keep her in your prayers. So, since he is working it is harder to make myself make dinner and many nights the girls are not even here because of working or other activities they have. It is usually me and my son and the animals.:) Guess they are all growing up but I do like having them here.
Thank goodness the rain has stopped. We had a little rain today but not alot. We could go without it for a while and still be good. It has been a very rainy spring.

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Hello!! Just stopping by to see how everyone is doing now. We actually had some rain yesterday and it was SO GOOD to see it again. It had been a long time for us. Even good to hear the thunder but then again we had a tornado warning in effect for about an hour!! Why can't it just rain nicely?
i have the two kids most all of today again. We made a gift for GPa DAle's birthday. Love mom