Saturday, June 21, 2008

Photo Hunt-water


We went to Brookfield Zoo this year and saw this polar bear. He was so cute playing with the log in the water. He would push it in the water and then dig it back out. Very entertaining.
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jennyr said...

really cute! mine's up at this link!

Teena in Toronto said...

Polar bears rock!

I played too :)

Flip Flop Floozie said...

They are so cute to watch but I am glad I am on this side of the fence.

Love MOM said...

That looked nice and cool!

I missed your Birthday! June 14th was the day Nancy had to go to the hospital!
I hope you had a good one!! You are the same age as my daughter Karen!

Nancy's birthday is this Wednesday and she will be 46! She is like she is between 7-12. But once in a while she is like her age and it is always a surprise to us!

We had her over at the lupus Dr on Friday! He did more blood work. I have to call and get her a appointment tomorrow with her blood Dr.
I can't spell what it is really is called with out going back to my blog and copying and pasting the real word and if you are like my girls they would just say it is ok, Mom!!We know what you mean!!! lol

I know what you mean about all the rain!! It was so nice not to have rain today!!! Have a nice week!! Love and hugs Grams

mimi11460 said...

Very nice picture ..visit my blog too if you have time..Thanks.