Thursday, October 30, 2008

Girly Comments & Graphics

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Hi,That is the cutest graphic ever!! Did you have lot of kids last night! We did! I love seeing the little ones all dressed up.
When you get a minute come on over and see our Halloween.

My missionary daughter Carrie called yesterday and said you know I haven't seen a picture of Baby Marcello since the little one you all put out on your blog on your Birthday, Mom!!!

So Kelly took a ton of pictures and I stayed up late and I uploaded them to my blog!
She called this morning and she was so happy to see her Grand kids!! I know she misses them so much.

I am going in for my Angioplasty procedure on Monday for my right leg and the arteries by my kidneys. I know you will pray for me that this goes good again!

I got so sick afterwards last time and I would appreciate prayer that I don't feel so bad when I go home on Tuesday. Thanks!!! Hugs, Grams