Monday, October 27, 2008

Makeover day

We had such a fun day yesterday with our SS class. We had a makeover day. See our study book is called Small changes for a better life and it has a chapter on how you should take care of yourself so our teacher decided to get her hairdresser to do a day of makeovers for us ladies. We didn't know who was going to be madeover so it was fun to sit there and wait to see who they picked. Well, my daughter got picked to get a haircut!!!!! She and I were soooo excited. She is away at college and doesn't get to get away to get her hair cut too often. They did an excellent job on her hair.I wish I would've taken my camera with me to show you pictures but I didn't:( She looks great and I think I found a new place to get my hair cut.:) This place pampers you and it is so nice just to be pampered a little bit every once in a while,right? They have pedicures, manicures, a massage room and full service hair salon. I think I found where my girls and I are going for a mom/daughter day out.:)


Flip Flop Floozie said...

I am glad that you are studying something like this..You need to pay attention to this my dear!! You need to learn to take care of yourself too..Those girls will make sure that they are okay but you need to do something for YOU too!! Life is too short..I am finding..and you need to include yourself too..
PICTURES!! You need to learn to put that camera in your purse..mine travels there..Love MOM said...

This sounds like you all had a great day! How fun was this! My grandson Jey paid for me to have my nails done for my birthday and that was so neat! I had never had them done at a shop before!! I could get use to that!! Hugs, Grams