Saturday, November 08, 2008

Happy Birthday Em

I am so far behind on posting. Yesterday was our middle daughter's birthday. We went out for dinner but today we are celebrating with the whole family. Our oldest daughter came home late last night so will be here today and tomorrow to celebrate with us. Am so glad she came home early. We may go to an early movie this afternoon after all the girls are done with their babysitting jobs they have today.
It is suppose to snow today. We'll see. We got some really pretty snow yesterday but it didn't stick to the ground. I think our warm days are done for now.
We are finishing the front door today and putting in trim on the floor. The front of the house is really starting to look nice. May strip wallpaper and paint today too. Will see how things go. Lots of repairs are needed and not enough time.
Have a great weekend!!!

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Happy Birthday to our granddaughter!! I was sure that she would have a good time..
Hey would you like it if we came there for Christmas? We are thinking about bringing the motor home and going to Tuscola and getting gpa and gma and bringing them there for Christmas. If nothing comes back wrong with my MRI..Okay...
Hey did you know that Carolyn (Talk to Grams) is in the hospital? Love MOM