Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Animal Crossing

This is the game that is being played sooooo much in our home right now. It is really fun for the kids. You have a town that you name, get to own your home and pay a mortgage with "bells" which is your money. You fish and grow fruit trees, meet other animals and can visit the city. You now can get wii speak which allows you to really talk to someone else that is visiting your town. You have to accept the friend and open your town gate but last night our daughter got to talk to 2 people. One from Austin Texas. It was so neat to see it. Technology has come a long way.

Useless information for the day: The peanut is a vegetable and a member of the pea family.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Glad that you are enjoying this so much!! Good for you!!
We are fine..Beautiful day today..75 right now at 5:00..
I need to get to blogging again. I have been lazy.. said...

Hi Julie, It has been beautiful here today! I think we are to get rain tonight. But we need it really in the worse way.
Kelly, Nancy, and me have had more fun going places in her SUV which is new to us. It is a 2001 but the other owner has kept it up so nice!!
We went down past Clinton Sunday afternoon and when I looked up and saw the sign that said 85 miles to Springfield I about flipped out! I didn't know Sarah live this far out in the boonies!! She teaches 5th and 6th grade at their school.She loves it down there. My son lives about 30 minutes from her so to her this isn't this far away!!
Love and hugs Grams