Thursday, February 26, 2009

Too much sickness

I am so ready for spring to get here so we can open the windows and get rid of these germs that are making everyone sick. Our oldest daughter has been home all week b/c of the virus that is going around campus. She will hopefully be able to go back this weekend. The high school has told us that they have been sending 10-15 kids home every day b/c of this virus. We just need some warm weather here!!!!
We are having a thunderstorm today. It reminds us of warmer weather:) I love thunderstorms if they aren't too bad :) Most of the snow is gone now. Yeah!!!! Hope we don't have any more big snowstorms. Next week is daylight savings time and soon it will be warmer. We made it through yet another winter-well almost.
Hope everyone is staying well.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Don't you just hate sickness??? I know..Roger is really sick this weekend too with a fever..All hell broke loose over there today I guess. Becky called crying!! I remember those days when everything seemed to just happen all at once..No wonder I had a bad temper. Her washer overflowed upstairs and went all over the place; plus too many kids at her house and well it goes and goes. I wish that you could have been here last night..What a good night..Love MOM said...

Hi, I was so surprised to hear that day-light saving time starts next weekend!! Yikes!!
We had 6 inches of snow yesterday. But it is to get up to 45 on Tuesday so it won't stay to long . I am ready for spring too! Hugs, Grams