Friday, July 10, 2009

Wedding anniversary

We are going to Missouri this weekend to celebrate my hubby's parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Can't believe it is here already. They are having a get together at their house tomorrow. There are to be about 100 people there. We are also going to meet some more Forees. My hubby loves geneology and he met up with more Forees and invited them to the reunion. He is thrilled to meet more family b/c there are not too many Forees out there.
Will add pictures later after the get together. (if my camera will keep up) It is getting old. May have to take pictures on my phone. It seems to do better these days.
Raining today so hopefully it will quit before we have to travel. Have a great weekend all.

1 comment: said...

Wow! 50 years! Congrats to them!!! Have a good trip, enjoy yourself and take as many picture as you can. Hugs Grams