Monday, September 04, 2006

monday madness

1. Which holidays (if any) do you consider more as a day off from work, than anything else?They are all a day off to me because i work in my home and any day i don't have people coming in the door for babysitting is a day off:)
2. Which 3 holidays are most celebrated in your family?Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentine's day.
3. Do you have an organized filing system at home?Yes.
4. Do you clip coupons for groceries? If so, do you remember to use them? If not, why?I don't clip coupons as much as I used to probably because we don't get the paper any more and there isn't that many coupons that come in the mail.
5. How many magazines do you subscribe to? 0
6. Do you play any computer games on a regular basis? If so, which is your favorite, and why?Yes. I love computer games. I go to Miniclips,, Shockwave or whatever site i can find that has new games. yes i am a computer junkie:)
7. Have you watched any movies worth recommending, lately?I watched Tristan and Isolde. It is in the medieval times where these two fall in love but are not able to see each other b/c of imperial politics. Very good movie..


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I cannot believe that you have never heard about Johnny Weathers. Man I have told that story for years and years and I thought you knew that John's name was from him. Well, now I guess you know. He was always such a sweet boy and I was always so in "love" I thought with him...I so hated it when he died!! I was just devasted and sometimes to this day when I think about it I still am....Have a great day!!

Dawn said...

All the holidays are a day off for me, since the clinic where I work, isn't open! LOL!

I get the newspaper and still don't clip coupons! It's one of those things I know I should do, but just don't get around to it!

Thanks for visiting my blog!

Ghost said...

Loved reading your list. Have a happy.

Jane said...

I enjoyed your "Madness". Your mom sent me MM is up. I would love to have you stop by.
Have a great day.

MugwumpMom said...

All the holidays are a day off for me unless I'm on call..blech!
Tristan and Isolde is older than Romeo and Juliet, and in fact, apparently was the influence for Shakespeare...I liked the movie though it was sad.

healing hoves said...

this is sonja again. my first book is on my blog, matter of fact it is my blog. i prayed and prayed how to start my blog, and god wanted me to start it with my story of coming out of darkness, i have just now started to daily blog. if you go view blog, and start at the bottom and read up, it is in journal entry form entries 1-20 then closing thoughts. i know by putting it out there to read for free it is taking away from the publishing, but my fist book is my 4th step and how I found God, and it is not about selling it is about sharing God's wisdoms. So you can read now. My next one well that will be different, it is a childrens book and I am going to publish it in about 3 mths...........sonja thanks for you