Saturday, January 13, 2007

taking it easy.........

I wasn't going to be on all weekend since i had oral surgery, but I am feeling a lot better and getting really bored watching tv all day and doing nothing. I can't stand being "under the weather" and nothing getting done. I sit and think about what needs to be done and what I can't do until i get better. Drives me nuts!!! I guess i should enjoy my "time off" but I just like to keep everything going. I know I need to learn to depend on everyone else to get things done every once in a while but man it bothers me.
We are suppose to get a snow storm or wintery mix of things starting tomorrow. Finally some winter weather. I didn't think we were going to see any snow at all. Maybe it will continue into Monday and the kids will have the day off from school to help me with the daycare on Monday. That would be really nice. Especially since i told the daycare parents i would be open on Monday even after the surgery. I know I should have taken an extra day off but we have to have our income and i only have 3 kids that day anyway.
Hope everyone has a great weekend. I am going to veg in front of the tv again since i need to lay down for a while. :P

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