Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What a day

Well, the snow has come and gone and we got about 1 inch at the most. Now it is the high of 10 degrees and along with the cold weather comes the flu. Our son has stayed home the last two days with some sort of flu. All I will say is, remember that movie Daddy Daycare where the kid comes out of the bathroom and says "I missed?" Well, that really happened. Yes, yesterday was not a really great day. What with a sick child and watching all my boys in the daycare and still recovering from Friday, I'll say I'm glad it is over. Today is much better in the flu area. Luckily no one else has come down with it. I kept him home just one more day
just so he can fully recover and I don't have to be in trouble with
the school just in case something happens. (Sorry if it is too much
information)Well, gotta go get my day started and tame all of my
wild Indians:) They really need some place to go run off all of their
energy. That is one bad thing about winter....my daycare kids
cannot go to the park and run off their energy. I wish I had half
their energy some days. I could clean the house and get every
chore done in about 1 hour. haha


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Sure you could with just a little bit of their energy!! You used to have all of that...ONCE!! funny how getting older takes it out of you!! JOIN the NEW CLUB!! Nice post!! Love MOM

Anonymous said...

That sounds like it was a tough day! I am sick of the cold weather because my dog needs to burn off some energy...and I am not taking her for a walk in 9 degree weather!! I imagine it is a billion times worse having a bunch of kids who need to burn off some energy!