Monday, February 26, 2007

Monday Madness

1. Do you ever use all caps when typing online messages?
Only when i am mad..:)

2. Does it bother you when other people use all caps in their messages?
not really unless they do it constantly.

3. Do you use abbreviations (i.e. lol, brb, etc.) when typing email messages or text messages?
Yes i do. It is much easier than spelling out the whole word.

4. Do you ever receive faxes or other correspondence from a professional office that are typed in all caps? If so, what do you think of that?
Don't have a fax machine and don't receive anything from any professional office.

5. Do you rely on the computer program to catch your typing errors, or do you proofread your material before sending it out?
I do love spell check but i also proofread everything i type before sending it out.


Heart of Rachel said...

I also don't use all caps in my online messages because I might be misunderstood.

Have a good week ahead.

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hey I thought your blogging was coming to an end. I am glad and happy to see you today!! It is addicting isnt it. I hope you can blog every once in a while. I love to do it and will be missing it awful when we leave next week. Love MOM