Monday, February 19, 2007

We went to a Valentine's Banquet on Saturday with our new church. It was at the Elderberry Tea House. Very nice place. We had the whole resteraunt to ourselves. They served lasagna, salad, texas toast and dessert. Then we had a few skits, some solos and a short message. We had a great time.
Yesterday was church of course, and then the girls wanted to go to the mall. Our youngest wanted to buy her boyfriend a gift for his birthday. We found out yesterday that he is going to be visiting in a few weeks. He doesn't live near us. Ought to be interesting while he is here:).
Today my hubby left for Atlanta Georgia (work related) not for fun. If it was for leisure i would've been going with him!!! They send him to this fancy hotel for a couple of days and he gives a presentation and the rest of the time is his for whatever he wants to do. One of these days i am going to go with him. It has a winery right there by the hotel and his room has a spa in it. I will trade him jobs any day. Ha ha.

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

What new church are you guys going to now? I had not heard about this. I am glad though. Love MOM