Friday, December 28, 2007

More snow

Well, it is snowing again today. We are suppose to get 5-8 inches. It has been snowing since 7 this morning and doesn't look like it is going to quit any time soon. It is a very pretty snow though. No wind just a quiet beautiful snow. I think we have gotten about 2-3 inches since this morning. I cancelled our youngest orthodontist appointment today b/c it is not worth risking her life over an appointment b/c of bad weather conditions. I know they don't like it when we cancel but there is always another day.
Not much going on here today. The kids are really enjoying their time off from school. I think a little too much though. They all sleep in until the "butt crack" of noon and then stay in their jammies until 2:00pm then finally get ready for the day. I think they will have a hard time getting back into routine in a week. I am the only one that will enjoy the end of break,I think.:)
Enoy your weekend. I think ours will be spent digging out of the snow,making snowmen and drinking hot chocolate.

3 comments: said...

I love your snowmen on your header! How cute!! Sounds like you all were cold on Christmas!! So glad you got a good deal on your part and could get it fixed!! We got a little snow today too! Not as much as you all.... but some... I hope you have a Happy and Blessed New Year!! Love and Hugs Grams

Flip Flop Floozie said...

Wow!! More snow! You guys are really getting it this year. We got to about 73 today!! Nice day all around!! I miss seeing the snow but that is about it!! I know you enjoy it when you can stay at home. Break will be over soon and things will come back to normal..or whatever normal is!! smile.
Love MOM

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad the kids are enjoying the Christmas break. It must be fun making snowmen.

Have a great New Year celebration with your family.