Tuesday, August 22, 2006

first day of school

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We are back in the full swing of school today. All of the kids went today. Our high school started last week,which included two of my kids.This week the other two went. They only have to go til 11:00 and then the rest of the week it is 2:00. Crazy hours i know. Our youngest was the only one that was excited to go this morning.Probably because he is in first grade and still enjoys going;P. The girls know what school really consists of. They don't get to paint, play at recess or play with playdough any more. I really enjoy when school starts b/c my days are alot quieter and any mom knows how nice quiet can be;). In the craziness of this morning i forgot to get pictures but will take some tomorrow and post the smiling faces getting ready to go to school.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Now if you just did not have to have everyone else's kids there just think how REALLY quiet it REALLY would be!!! WOW!!
Take those pictures and share!!
Love MOM

Sharon said...

Yes, I too enjoy the quietness of school days. Less people at home less hours equals less mess!! :0)