Thursday, August 17, 2006

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Thirteen things we have to do to get ready for school

1. Go shopping for whatever is needed before school(and with 3 teenagers in the house you have to be careful how you phrase that statement)
2. Buy school clothes(you know they seem to grow 2-3 inches every year and nothing ever fits right:)Hopefully we are done with the growing soon:)
3. Go to schools and make sure the kids know where their classes are
4. Meet the teachers
5. Buy....many pairs of tennis shoes b/c the school wants you to have 2 pairs each:)
6. Make sure there is plenty of lunch meat snacks chips etc.......
7. Start early bed time for the younger of the kids(my favorite time):)
8. Get sports physicals
9. Make sure everyone gets enough sleep so we will keep to getting up early for school schedule
10.Set clothes out the night before.
11.Make sure everything is in the backpacks before they leave so mom doesn't get the phone call saying "I forgot...... can you bring it to school for me?"
12.Keep on the kids to get their homework done before they watch tv or play game cube or get online-the last one is a BIG one around here
13.Pray that we make it through another year without too many probelms.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

OH!! I am SO GLAD that I DO NOT have to do that..Course coming soon in October I have to do that for a WHOLE week. I think I may go crazy...that is it I will go crazy and then I will be in a home and will not be able to do!! Just kidding...Love MOM

MugwumpMom said...

I'm with "flip flop"...the youngest starts grade 12 this year..after Labour Day...all I have to do is throw water on him to get him out of bed, toss some scraps of food his way, and point him west...

I wish.