Thursday, September 13, 2007

Busy, busy

Haven't been able to get online much this week. Too busy working.I have a new baby that I watch and he is really keeping me busy.He is only here on Thursday and Friday but those two days are really busy. I like to keep busy though otherwise I go nuts with not much to do. I have to stay busy.
Am really looking forward to this weekend. My hubby's work is taking us on a cruise on Lake Michigan. Can't wait. It is going to be chilly though. The temp is suppose to be in the 60's but on the water it is going to be quite cold. Am a little upset that all of our family can't go. Farmtastic is also this weekend and our youngest daughter wants to go. I don't blame her, it is a really fun time for teens from churches all over the county to get together at a farm here in town and they have games, competitions, and lots of fun but there is also a speaker there.Great way to reach out to the teens of the community.
Will try to get pictures downloaded onto the laptop. Just not sure how to do it yet. Will have to just sit down in my spare time *haha* and figure it out.

1 comment: said...

Have a great time sailing this weekend!! That should be really fun!!
I will look foward to seeing your pictures!!