Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Painting continued.....

Well, we got a lot of painting done this weekend but couldn't finish one side of the house b/c of all the stupid mosquitoes. There were enough there to carry away a grown man.:) We are going to buy a fogger and see if that gets rid of them. Even in the sun yesterday the mosquitoes were eating us alive. Wish they would just go away so we can get this done. The poor kids around town look like they have chicken pox b/c they have been bitten so much by those mosquitoes.
Hopefully by this weekend we can finish the one side of the house and be done with it.I would post pictures but we are still on my daughter's laptop. Have to take the other computer in to get looked at i guess. Not working still. We think it is the power supply which won't be so bad to fix.
Have a great day everyone!!!!

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

They don't spray in Rochelle? We get mosquito sprayed here from the air. They can be very dangerous if you have that many!! I know you want to get this completed.
Melli is having a great birthday party today. Did you go to the different sites? It is fun. Virtual no calories..smile. Love MOM