Saturday, September 08, 2007

Football season is here!!

We went to the first ever home game at the new field at the high school last night. Of course, there was a ceremony dedicating the new field. Our middle daughter is in flags so we watched the pre-game show and half time show with the band. She did well. Was sooo proud of her. The hubs won the game!!! Yeah!!! We only stayed til half time b/c our son cannot last through the whole game. I am actually learning a little more about football. Shock:) It is not so bad once you learn what they are doing.:) Am glad we didn't stay though b/c there was a 20 minute delay b/c of lightning seen in the distance. It did not rain,but with fans sitting on metal bleachers and all it was probably a good idea.
Not doing much today. Just watching a 11 month old for a while. Most of our kids are off doing things today. Just a quiet day. Very nice temperatures outside. Suppose to be 78 i think. Absolutely LOVE this weather!!!! If you didn't know by now, fall is my favorite season.
Sorry no pictures to post. Don't know how to download them onto this laptop. Have pictures of our daughter in flags but will have to wait til we get our other computer working.
Have a great weekend!!!!


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You probably need the software downloaded into the laptop to download the pictures but it is just like your old computer!! You know you might call comcast about your old computer. There just might be someway they can talk you through hooking it back up. That is what I always do. Glad you day is an easy one. We have been putting things back together after painting inside. To the shower I go and then to church pretty soon. Blessings..MOM said...

Hi, So glad to be home but I did have a wonderful time!! We saw 11 states in 6 days! Some of the states were just the edges of them...

I loved the beach!! I could live there!!

I read your post about fall and we love it the best too!! I can't believe people who would love summer and all the heat the best!!

It is getting time for the Chiefs to come on and we are having Chilli for lunch today!! Sarah is comming over to watch them with us and Karen too!! We are Chiefs fans for sure!!
Love and Hugs, Grams