Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Sleep is good

Well, I finally got a full 8 hours of sleep and boy do I feel better!!! I never realized how much you need that full night of sleep until last night. I had a family for daycare that was suppose to be coming at 5:30 am but never showed up. We called them again last night and no answer.So, last night I decided that I was just going to sleep in. Of course, sleeping in for me means 6:45, but even at that I feel much much better.
Today most of my daycare kids are going to VBS for 3 hours so i can get some things done around the house(if the babies sleep). Haven't been that busy with daycare this week,which is nice to have that break. The kids that have been keeping me busy are my own teenagers. We seem to have someone extra for dinner every night and boy those teenage boys can really put away the food. We call them bottomless pits!!!!:)I don't mind them coming over though. I would rather have them here than not know where they are.
Well, time to get ready for the day. Will have the first set of kids coming in soon. Have a great Wednesday everyone.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

My feeding teenage boys is not what I would want to do BUT on the other hand I would rather have them there than not KNOWING where they are!! Just like you said.
Thanks for calling last night.
Betty is again better today!! I have been there most of the day but came home this afternoon. Rain is on its way again here just hope no storms this time. Love MOM

Team Gherkin said...

Thanks for your blog. Stumbled across it via 'Monday Madness'.
Hope your day was a positive one.
Mal :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Having a full 8 hours of sleep always give me extra energy to face the day. I'm glad you had a refreshing sleep.

I remember my mom telling me (back in college) that she didn't mind cooking often for my friends when they came over for a visit because she felt more at ease knowing I was home.

A daycare sounds wonderful. Good luck!