Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday Feast #166

Name a great website you would recommend to others.

On a scale of 1-10 (with 10 as highest), how often do you dream at night?
Probably about 2-3 lately b/c I have been soooo tired.

Did you have a pet as a child? If so, what kind and what was its name?
Yes. I had a kitten named Buttons. She was sooo cute. She would climb up on your lap and rub her head under your chin. We also had a Schnauzer named Benji. I really liked that dog.

Main Course
If you had the chance to star in a commercial, what would you choose to advertise?
Oh I don't know. Maybe a cell phone commercial. i just love that one where the grandma is texting right along with the kids. Too funny.

What is your favorite kind of hard candy?
I like Life Savers peppermint candies. Yum:)


Judy Thomas said...

Happy Friday. I've not seen the cell phone commercial. I'll have to check it out. Peppermints ARE good, aren't they? Esp. in the winter.

tegdirb92 said...

your cat sounds lovely!!Wonderful feast this week!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

You remember Buttons? Such a sweet kitten. I loved that cat but her ran away and I always hated that!! I have not done FF yet. I am work. it is slow today. Weather is cooling down her. Sandy said...

I liked your feast! I have seen the commercial and it is funny!! Have a great weekend! Love and Hugs Grams