Friday, October 26, 2007


I have several babies I watch during the week and we have taught them sign language. It is so fun to see them actually being able to communicate with us before they learn to talk. I really think it is a great idea to teach infants how to sign. It keeps them from being frustrated when they are trying to tell you something. I have had very good success with several of my kids,and the parents really like it too b/c they can talk to their kids easier without the guessing game. Some of the signs we teach them are eat, more, please, thank you. These seem very basic but you would be amazed at how much this helps out adults understanding what the child wants.


Jennifer said...

Julie, we have a developmentally delayed baby at church who has been taught to sign since she has a problem voicing what she wants. Her mother said that she used to scream in frustration because she couldn't make herself understood, but has been so much happier since they have taught her a few signs and she can communicate a little better! She is absolutely adorable to watch...she's tiny and quiet and just sits there and signs away...awwwww!! I think it's a great thing! :)

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

it is a great thing but then i have seen one little guy that will not give up using the sign language and so he will not TALK!! Now there is where the problem comes in..Hm..
Love MOM