Monday, October 01, 2007


UGH!!! Am having trouble adding the award buttons to my blog. I saved the images and then went to photobucket and it wouldn't load to photobucket. Will try tomorrow I guess. Also, tried to make the smile award smaller on paint and it ends up loading really big at the bottom of my page.

1 comment: said...

Well, Julie I NOT the one who can tell you what on earth is wrong with loading and all that stuff!!! :) I am computer dumb!!

It all I can do to copy, paste, link, and get icons that are easy on my blog!!!

Kelly got the same award I did and she had put it in a folder in our picture folder so I was able to click on it and get it on my blog otherwise I don't know if I know how yet, to go pick up an award and put it in a folder!
If I knew how I would HELP you!! In a heartbeat! Love and Hugs, Grams